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CBSPD, Inc. Advertising
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The CBSPD, Inc. is the premier Certification Board for central service distribution and sterile processing professionals. In fact, we are the ONLY CS/SPD certification organization that is accredited by the highly acclaimed National Organization for Competency Assurance. If your company is marketing a product or service to hospitals or healthcare facilities, our website is the place to advertise. CBSPD marketing opportunities give your company direct exposure to our 21,000+ certified members and to others in the field.

Since 2005, our website has averaged over 150,000 hits per month.

Our website is expanding in popularity and will continue to grow. Take advantage of our website....just like the thousands of central service personnel do each day. Get your company the exposure to future customers that you are looking for.

Details are as follows:

Advertisers to provide graphics and text copy.

Ads placed at top of our startup page: sterileprocessing.org/cbspd.htm

Static Ad OR Animated, Rotating Ad (banner image and link)

Full Banner: $1,000 for 1 year / $650 for 6 months

Ads placed at top of our other popular web pages:

...including Job Openings, Downloads, Important Info,
About CBSPD, CEU Page, SPD Courses, etc.

Static Ad OR Animated, Rotating Ad (banner image and link)

Full Banner: $800 for 1 year / $550 for 6 months

**NOTE: If you need to change your ad at any time, there is no charge to you.

Criterion Newsletter:

**Advertisers to provide images in jpeg format at least 1 month before newsletter is published. All payments made in advance. All images based on 8.5x11 paper size. The newsletter is now sent via email to our certified members that have an email address.  For those that don't we will mail a copy to them.

Inside front or back cover: $800 (full page only)
1/2 page: $400
or full page for $650

Please click HERE to download an order form for ads.

For more information, please contact our main office toll free at 1.800.555.9765, or send an email to our Webmaster.